What Is Hydrocephalus? Causes and Treatment Ideas!medical waste

Today I want to talk about hydrocephalus what it is, symptoms and some treatment ideas.

Hydro means water and cephalus is Greek for head. So this is a condition where too much fluids are in the head.

We need some fluids in the head because it serves to cushion the brain. It also plays a role in delivering nutrients to the brain and removing waste.

Too much fluids isn’t good because it puts pressure on the brain damaging it. With children since the skull is still developing you could see an enlargement of the head, this is a symptom. With adults this is not going to happen because our skulls are developed and it’s not going to move.

This can be a life threatening condition. With children signs to look out for would be a bulging on a spot on the top of the head, vomiting, excessive sleeping, seizures and irritability. Of course issues with attention and problems with development are signs as well.

With adults symptoms could be a lot of head pain, problems remaining awake, problems with balance, bladder control problems, issues with vision, memory loss and seizures.

The smartest people in the medical field have been trying to figure out what is causing this excess fluid so it can be prevented. Scientists know that this problem can be linked to bleeding events in the developing brain with babies, but the reasons that it is connected isn’t clear.

A study published in the journal “Science Daily” may have found the answer. Hydrocephalus can be triggered by abnormal levels of LPA, a blood-borne lipid that can enter the brain in high concentrations during bleeding events.

This LPA is involved in blood clotting and well you can see the connection. It blocks the fluid from leaving and therefore Hydrocephalus is created. In the study scientists injected mice with high levels of LPA and they noticed hydrocephalus was created.

The good news is that if a baby is at risk for this bleeding a drug can be given to prevent this medical condition.

Other causes of this condition could be inflammation, from an injury. Reducing this inflammation can help. Another causes could be an overproduction of the fluids.

The most common treatment is surgery. When it comes to alternative medicine there are cases where using something called Silicea has been successful. Silicea is a homeopathic medicine that is used to treat many health problems. Another idea would be removing toxins from the body that could be helpful such as sarsaparilla and beetroot.

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