Top Tips on Choosing the Right Shredder for Your Officeincinerating

Some of the important offices where documents are generated include banks, hire purchase companies, document writing offices, credit card companies, and many more. In fact there is no office that does not generate documents with important information like customer details, credit card numbers, and addresses of customers. Colleges and schools also generate enormous quantities of disposable answer sheets, question papers and progress reports.

Factories and showrooms also generate lots and lots of documents showing their customers, tax returns, production details, goods receipts, sales figures, dispatches, payment vouchers and so on endlessly. When they land in the wrong hands, they are potential risk for the business. Banks have to destroy spent debit and credit cards, passbooks, photographs and many other critical documents.

Tearing them to pieces has its own risks because unscrupulous elements can reconstruct them and abuse them for their own ends. Tearing by hand is not complete and does not either provide full security against misuse. Another technique is to set them on fire, but the problem is they pollute the environment and is not a safe process. It can ignite calamity and is also a potential safety hazard to the neighborhood.

The safest and perfect way therefore is to shred them into hundreds and thousands of pieces so as to make them impossible to reconstruct and abuse. There are hundreds of models of paper shredders you can buy in the market, but not all of them will meet your requirements. If you handle very sensitive information, then, you should buy a document shredder especially made for that purpose.

It is not an absolute necessity to look for paper shredders by travelling to stores after stores and waste time. They are available in online stores, and when you order them they will be dispatched straight to your office thereby saving time, and money on transportation. Another advantage of ordering a shredder online is you can compare many manufacturers, models, and even prices. Most online stores also give fantastic discounts and price cuts.

Here are the points you need to consider before you choose the right shredder for your office.

– Typical size of the documents you handle frequently and the volume your office will be generating on a typical day matters a lot. Too high a capacity or too little is a waste of money and resource.

– The shred size is important. There are shredders that can shred to 0.5 inches a piece and go down up to one-thirteenth of an inch, and it will be determined by the security level you want – the finer the shredded pieces, greater is the security.

– Paper thickness is again an important factor – personal shredders don’t need heavy models, but if your organization handles credit/debit cards, then, you will have to choose a heavy duty model; some are even made for it especially.

Here are some models you can consider for ordering.

– Le Rayon (5, 10 or 15 sheets) for credit cards and compact disks

– Le Rayon High Security 7 or 15 sheets for noiseless operation

– Le Rayon Heavy Duty 1 soundless Paper Shredder 23-25 sheets capable of handling CD and credit cards as well.

Consider recycling as an option after you have shredder rather than incinerating them. It is environment friendly and safe too.

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