The Facts (Not Baloney) About Liquid Collagen and Collagen Supplementsbio waste

Do you, like me, ever think about this:

All the money you’ve spent on skin care products over the years… and wonder how much of it was wasted? And you’re taking liquid collagen and a collagen supplement, and you wonder if they’re working?

Especially if you look at your mirror in the morning and you look a bit tired even after a night’s sleep. And your skin feels dry and a bit rough, there’s some sagging skin and dark circles under the eyes.

Well, me too. I’ve done all that too often. Now, I don’t blame anyone for spending money on skin care. We all want to look the best we can, we all deserve to take good care of ourselves. That’s how most people seem to feel about it, and that’s how I feel myself.

My goal is to make sure the money is spent on effective ingredients and on products that really deliver what they promise. So I carefully check on all the claims. And I put a lot of faith in natural ingredients and avoiding a lot of irritants and questionable ingredients that are shockingly common in skin care products.

Maybe most important of all, I want to see ingredients that have been tested and proven in clinical trials with real people as volunteers. And what I’ve found out has led me to wonderful ingredients that make a big difference in my skin – and others that are a big waste of money.

Here are the facts about liquid collagen and collagen supplement products.

— First, there is no doubt that loss of collagen is a big cause of aging skin.

— Second, liquid collagen in a cream or gel can’t help at all. This isn’t my opinion; it’s simple scientific fact. The reason is, the collagen molecule is too large to be absorbed into the skin. Other ingredients in a skin care cream are absorbed (many of them, both good and bad ones), but collagen simply can’t be transported through the skin. It will stay there on the skin till it’s washed off or rubbed off.

So “transdermal collagen or a “trans dermal collagen remedy” or any amount or type of collagen in a skin care gel or cream is useless. Collagen placed topically on the skin just can’t be absorbed, period.

— Third, collagen supplement products are also very questionable. A collagen pill, capsule or any kind of collagen supplement is highly unlikely to be available to the skin. That’s called bio-availability. A collagen supplement isn’t going to be swallowed, then begin erasing the lines in our faces! For the same reason, we can’t eat a pound of steak, then watch it turn into big muscles in our biceps. The body is more complex than that! I’ve never seen a reputable study of the effectiveness of a collagen supplement.

So what can help, then?

Our skin can be helped a lot by proper nourishment, with natural ingredients that have been processed with care and respect. There are cutting-edge, highly effective ingredients that have naturally stimulated my skin to rebuild collagen and added softness and radiance, and they can do the same for you.

On my website, I’ll give you details on some products that contain no collagen at all – but nourish and stimulate your skin to make plenty of collagen naturally.

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