The Die Has Been Cast?COVID-19 vaccine

The inflationary trend that is rapidly expanding into every consumer product has left a bitter pill to swallow for millions of Americans.The past two years fighting off the ravages of the Covid-19 Pandemic has incensed the public to finally realize just how vulnerable this nation is to the failure of government to protect and serve all Americans. The incompetence of our Federal Government has shown very little sympathy in the actions taken not only in preventing this medical health crisis but in the responses to it.

Now, the American public is faced with with a mounting financial and economic crisis on top of recovering from the Covid-19 Pandemic. The present Administration has made if clear that vaccinations are necessary to further ensure we recover from this pandemic. To do this the Administration has authorized mandating a vaccine that is really an experimental drug. This has only exasperated the growing divides in an already divided nation. Forced mandates of an experimental drug has only created many of the current crisis that are now occurring.

This is just part of the quandary America is facing. For decades the United States has relied on foreign imports to maintain our economic structure. We gave up our economic dominance in favor of corporate profits 40 years ago. This has had profound effects for every American. For the past 40 or so years the majority of Americans has seen a steady decline in wages compared to the rising cost of living. Deposable incomes have never kept pace ever since.

The reality of today is a combination of past policy failures, greed of corporate America, the systematic decline of our educational system and the reluctance of many of the American public to realize what our government has done and is actually doing. For the past 50 years our educational system has regressed to the point that our elected officials are a mirror of many of our voting public. As a result this is what has happened to the Republican party and even much of the Democratic Party. The fundamental belief today is that still too many think governmental responses have been in the best interest of the American public. This pretense is based on an illusion conceived and concealed by opportunities that have been allowed to occur. It is very evident that these opportunities have fostered many of the imbalances of our society today. They have also made it possible for government to circumvent the publics will on too many occasions.

The die has already been cast. The epicenter of the nations troubles lie in a government where too many elected officials have neither the where-with-all,or the inclination to actually produce policy directives that would blend together to bring balance into our society.. The overwhelming discord of many in government has only produced more frustration and agony on millions of Americans.

When President Lincoln spoke of “A nation divided against itself cannot stand” not only was a warning during the darkest hour of our nation The Civil War but holds merit today. When we have the polarization of political parties where compromise in neither in the equation or on the table the antagonistic rhetoric from both Republicans and Democrats have continued to fester the open wounds of our society.

There is a way to heal this nation and it starts with education as to what our government has done in the past. The missing pages of American history are filled with occurrences that have left reoccurring stigmas on the American public. Once we realize this and rectify what our government did is a start to bring balance back into our society. There has to be a uniform plan of direction for this nation. A plan of direction for long term stability and prosperity for all Americans has to be a priority. Something this nation hasn’t had since John F. Kennedy. It is to that end by educating the American public on the feasibility and durability of implementing National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation will bring about the policy changes that will unify the deep divides of our country.

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