Stopping a Clogged Toilet in Its Trackshousehold waste

How To Know Your Toilet Is Clogged

There are many ways to discover that your toilet is clogged. The one that I find is always successful is to flush it and see what happens.

If there is a flood in your bathroom, your toilet is clogged.

If no water returns for the next round, your toilet is clogged.

If is comes to the very brink and slowly subsides, your toilet is clogged.

I feel you get the idea that it is really not rocket science to figure out that you have a problem with your toilet when that is in fact the case.

When Confirmed – What Now

What I used to do in these circumstances was to call a war council of the entire family and embark on a learned and profound dissertation on what the responsibilities of the various members of the family were.

This was a wonderful idea and a true brainstorm of mine construed and constructed to avoid all this unpleasant stuff in the future and forever.

The reality is, of course, it was useless, foolish, stupid and a real waste of time. It also tended to undermine my natural authority for some reason known only to them and not to me.

More Practical Solutions

My natural instinct as head of the household, a title I enjoyed at times but seriously resented at others, such as this one, was to delegate.

Somewhere in my dim dark past I was told that delegation was a great way to solve problems. Since I can claim to belong to the Society For Not A Handyman it seemed to me that it would be a very honorable thing to do, as head of the household, to delegate such menial tasks as fixing a broken toilet, to younger members of the family so that they would grow up into responsible citizens.

This valiant attempt to spread responsibility sensibly among family members resulted in true chaos.

It seems there was a kind of conspiracy to make sure that no matter what wonderful plans and ideas I had for making my family into useful citizens, they always backfired.

Whenever I managed to delegate this responsibility to a junior it invariably ended up costing me considerably to have their attempts rectified. It seems that they could find ways that were unknown to most humans to turn a simple toilet malfunction into a major catastrophe which would result in a huge plumber’s bill as well as a most unpleasant humiliation of the head of the household, me.

Acceptable Solutions

Somehow it seemed always to transpire that in order to truly stop the toilet’s malfunctioning problem immediately and with the least household disruption there was only one choice, or at least a version of one choice.

That choice was for the head of the household to fix it himself by whatever means he could, or to admit that it was a major family problem which he had to take control of immediately and phone the plumber and agree that to have it fixed to permanently and easily was a worthy investment.


My heartfelt advice and conclusion addressed to the heads of households, is to take charge instantly, phone the plumber and bribe him to say that had any other course of action been taken it could have resulted in instant and necessary total evacuation.

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