Selling Points Of Dell 1130n Printer and Tonergeneral waste

If you do not have specific wants and needs in a printer, then looking at general flattering selling points is what is going to lean you towards a sale. How do you know which model is best for you if you don’t have any real prerequisites? A general consumer pleaser is the Dell 1130n printer model. There are financial perks, environmentally friendly features, and it is a durable and quick printing device. With its well-rounded design and easy use, this is a great purchase for either the home or office scene.

Many people are drawn to the 1130n for the price alone. This model can be up to 28% cheaper than its competitors. Matter of fact it is branded as a printer that gives a terrific performance for a fraction of the price. Besides the upfront dollar price being less than competitors, consumers continue to save with the 1130n because of its lasting value and low cost per page print. Because of its high yield cartridge it can save consumers up to 10% on cost per page. Dell promises to keep cost per page at its lowest throughout the entire lifespan of the printer.

The 1130n is also ultimately easy to use. There is a simple on and off button on the top of the device and a cancel button if you want to stop printing a task. This model is for users with simplistic needs as far as fancy extras go like scanning and photo previewing. This model is sold for more foundational reasons like the fact that it is economical, durable, fast, and easy to use.

The Dell 1130n is also environmentally friendly! It has an energy efficient Energy Star 1.1 design that is made to help conserve energy. It also helps save paper by giving users the option to print on both sides. There are also refurbished toner options available for this model. Refurbished toners help reduce landfill waste and the use of non biodegradable resources because they are made with recycled parts. They have the same high quality ink as other toner refills and are typically significantly cheaper.

Overall this will be a good printer for those looking for a reliable device for a practical price. It is going to be a great choice for fast and easy prints, but is not loaded with features. The Dell 1130n is a durable machine and its selling points are attractive for users in the office and at home.

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