Penis Elongation Exercises – Do Free Ones Work?medical waste cost

Penis elongation exercises — there’s no shortage of them that you can find, for free, on the web. The question is, actually, you should ask a few questions before you do any at all.

First — are they safe?

This is absolutely the first question that you should ask. This question comes way before the second question. Why? Because, if they are safe, the worst that can happen is that you waste some time. If they aren’t safe — you could cause yourself real harm. Harm that could make you wish that you never even heard the term “penis exercises.”

How do you tell? After all, you probably don’t have time to go to medical school and learn everything you’d need to know. And there’s your answer — find the kind of exercises that medical doctors have determined are safe.

For instance — you won’t find too many physicians who think that hanging weights on your penis is safe. It can cause tearing of important penile tissue — consequently causing scarring, at the very least.

The second question is — can such exercises give you results? Will they make you larger?

There are definitely exercises that can help. But let’s be clear — the term “exercise” usually applies to doing something to increase muscle size. The penis is NOT a muscle. It is made up of a complex set of tissues. And these exercises are designed to increase the size of that tissue.

So, while some free methods on the web may work — some may be dangerous. It’s worth the few dollars that it costs to find the exercises that are safe and work. In addition, many places where you can get these exercises will also provide you with support, so you can ask questions and get authoritative answers. Penis elongation exercises can definitely help you enlarge your member, but be sure to get the ones that are safe, and that work.

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