Paper Recyclingsolid waste

The environment refers to the interaction of soil, air, climate, and topography with plants and animals in a given surrounding. The environment influences every living organism’s behavior and survival, be it animals, plants, or human beings. Any change in the environment causes changes in our biological development and daily life. The environment has been subjected to constant degradation over the past century. Ecologists and scientists have started researching methods of saving the environment from pollution, deforestation, and population explosion. One of the best solutions for protecting the environment against pollution is recycling. A large number of waste products, such as glass, plastics, metal scrap, and paper wastes, are usually recycled to prevent environmental pollution.

Paper recycling refers to the process of converting waste paper, which is considered to be post-consumer waste, and scrap paper, which is considered to be pre-consumer waste, into usable products. Paper recycling involves the separation of fibers to form new sheets or burning of paper waste to create an energy source. The process of paper recycling starts with the separation of component paper fibers using water as the medium. A pulp slurry material is created from the process that is then cleaned to remove any non-fibrous contaminants. Some recycling processes may also require fibers to be de-linked using chemicals like sodium hydroxide followed by a bleaching phase using peroxides to make the paper look white. Lastly, cleaned and whitened fibers are mixed with virgin fibers to make recycled paper. The recycling process uses less energy compared to creation of new paper products from wood pulp and also reduces waste output.

Paper recycling is used to recycle different types of paper products such as white office paper, corrugated cardboard, newspaper, waxed cartons, phone books, and mixed paper. Paper products have become the largest components of solid waste, comprising almost 31 to 38 percent of the landfills in the country. Paper recycling is one of the best ways to reprocess such wasted paper. A large number of industries that are dedicated to producing recycled paper have emerged recently.

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