MLM Info – An Independent Review of the Arbonne Direct Sales Opportunitybio waste

Arbonne International is a company that seems to be at the forefront of successful companies that provide beauty products as well as a home based business opportunity. The company concept of providing top quality skin care products was born in Switzerland more than 21 years ago and has grown into a huge direct selling giant. Will starting a business with Arbonne be the right move for you?

The idea of Arbonne was born in the mind of a man named Petter Mork. Together with a team of bio-chemists, Peter Mork came up with an idea that was very unique at the time. His idea was to create and distribute products that are based in natural or ‘botanical’ ingredients.

Mr. Mork also made the decision to follow the ‘network marketing’ business model to eliminate what he considered ‘middlemen’ such as advertisers and wholesalers. He knew that this would keep the profits with the company and it’s distributors.

The traditional method that distributors are taught to use is what is called the ‘warm market’ approach, which is what the industry was originally built upon.

The traditional methods are still a huge part of the industry today, but the direct selling philosophy is beginning to change in some very fundamental ways.

Due to the fact that many distributors rarely achieve their goals in this industry, there have been some that have questioned the ‘old school’ warm market approach. They have replaced the old philosophy with what is considered ‘Attraction Marketing’.

The direct marketing industry (Arbonne included) has had a long history of creating a lot of hype without much to show for 90 percent or more of hopeful entrepreneurs.

But some very innovative pioneers in the industry have introduced a whole new approach to marketing. They believed that if you switched the order of promoting your company first to promoting YOU first, the dismal statistics that marketing has had in the past would change dramatically.

In sales and marketing, the first few seconds in your approach are what determine your success or failure with any prospective sale. And what is being evaluated is not so much what your company provides, but what ‘You’ can provide.

What your prospects want to know or ‘feel’ is that you can be the leader that they need to achieve success. They want to know that you could help them to succeed with ANY company, regardless of the product, service, or compensation plan.

There is nothing wrong with the old school approach to building a home based business, but the truth is that they are fairly ineffective and inefficient. If you would like to have a massively successful home based business, you would be wise to embrace the ‘New School’ of Attraction Marketing.

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