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You Want to Live Off the Grid? Then Meet Solar Power!

In today’s world there is a positive increased need for renewable energy. So much so that its evolution has led to more effective and easier to use components that lead in the use of solar as a practicable energy source. Not everyone is going to think that to choose to live off grid is a lot of fun. If you do live off grid it can mean living off-water and off-sewer likewise. Solar water pumps can pull water from the ground and return it to your house.

Want to Say Goodbye To Your Energy Bill?

When you live off the grid it will give you the way to extinguish your energy cost not only for today but into the future. Your waste can recycled and disposed of using technology. Using composting toilets, grey water systems and other tools can minimize waste. A well composting toilet with a fan should be clean and effective. When you live off the grid with renewable power resources it is almost completely automated. Except for the upkeep of your batteries, there is almost no special attention needed, other than monitoring your energy use. You need to be cautious that your energy demand does not exceed your supply of energy. The principal to live off the grid is making sure your renewable energy system meets your energy demands.

So What’s In Your Off Grid Solar Power System?

The standalone solar power system is constructed to manage and produce sufficient solar power for your home. It’s often called an off grid system because the house is not connected to the local electric utility. The standalone solar power system is made up of the photovoltaic (PV) modules, the inverter, the charge controller, PV module rack and the batteries. Solar systems generally involve a generator as a backup source for when there is not enough sun to provide household power or recharge the batteries. You should choose a deep cycle battery made with either lead-acid or nickel cadmium. The purpose is for the length of the battery life and the ability to release the requirements for a solar power system. Standalone power systems that utilize batteries as full systems can be obtained. These full type systems only need local wiring and installation in order to operate. The inverter/controller handles the process of producing and storing the power. Many of these systems can tell you how much power is currently being produced, how much has been produced during a certain period, and how much has been stored in the batteries.

What Benefit Do You Get If You Live Off the Grid?

The advantages for you to live off the grid are such things as reduced dependability on your local utility company, surviving those dreaded power outages, not worrying about that electric meter with the ever spinning dial, helping save your money, make use of the abundant sources of renewable energy to power your home and adding to a healthier environment. To live off the grid is not insane. The feeling of energy freedom is exhilarating.Conduct your research and determine which alternative energy source is right for you and your family. Factor in where you live and your personal energy need. Consider your energy budget and any tax incentives you can get. This is key because when you live off the grid you will be stepping towards your personal freedom.

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