Live Green by Using Green Energymunicipal solid wastes

In today’s generation, what we really need in our environment is less pollution. We should create and do things that will lessen or almost make the pollution a thing of the past. Every move we make should be environment-friendly. There are numerous inventions and studies conducted for us to save the world from being filled with pollution or used up. We need to save our world today so there will still be a world for tomorrow.

Green Energy Defined

Green energy or sustainable energy is defined as a way for us to save the world and use the natural resources. The term “green” already gives us an impression of nature and safety. Green energy defined as a type of electricity that came from natural resources. Solar, geothermal, wind, hydroelectric and nuclear are types of green energy. Also, green energy defined and represents renewable energy resources which provide less negative impact to the environment. Solar is the kind of energy that came from the light and heat of the sun. Geothermal is the energy that comes from the heat that is stored in the earth. Wind energy can be extracted by using wind turbines to provide electricity. Hydroelectric is the energy that comes from the gravitational force of falling water. Energy from nuclear is produced from its reaction. Fossil fuel on the other hand is a source of energy which is harmful to the environment.

If we will be using sustainable energy as the source of electricity, we are saving the world by reducing the pollution and possibly eradicating completely the negative impacts that energy is giving to the environment. Aside from the types of energy that was provided, another thing to consider as green energy definition is the conservation of energy. If we can preserve energy by not using electricity, it can actually save our world. Earth hour program that is being conducted every year helps us to conserve energy. It is a program wherein there is 1 hour allotted to each house to turn off their lights and thus, if everyone will cooperate, we will be able to save as much energy as we can in that certain hour.

Sustainable energy is also defined as part of architectural design. If the building will provide enough light and air, especially in the daytime, electricity won’t be used. Instead of using air conditioning and turning on the lights, the sun and wind will be able to provide this and thus there is no need to consume energy. With the use of green energy, we will be able to save the world today and preserve it for the generations to come.

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