Indore – The City Getting Cleaner Every Day!domestic waste

Clean India is no longer a mission impossible. The Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan or The Clean India Campaign run by the government has been successful in making city administrations take actions to clean up their cities with the spirit of competitiveness.

The cleanest city of India! Indore has won the award of being cleanest city of India for 4th year in a row. Thanks to the city administration for making people aware and feel proud on the achievement. The campaign run by the city administration has been successful in raising awareness among the citizens about the cleanliness and the same is now a practice of the people here. People do not just litter here and there. Even kids try to find a dust-bin to throw their chocolate wrappers in. People segregate solid waste and bio-degradable waste in separate bins and pour it accordingly in the litter vans.

Every morning garbage collecting vans run through the city with a suitable song to alert and inspire people to bring their domestic waste out and put in the vans. Moreover they keep both bio degradable waste and recyclable waste separate and pour it in respective chambers of the van.

There are no more stinky stacks of rotting garbage anywhere in the city. Moreover, the city has been successful in converting its trenching grounds into beautiful gardens inviting people for picnic now. Indore Municipal Corporation, under its astute hegemony, has installed huge indigenous plants to generate gas from biodegradable waste and running various public vehicles in the city, while solid waste is being used into development of various durable products like street furniture.

Every day the city of Indore is getting cleaner than yesterday. They are making streets as clean as a place where you can sit to dine at. They are not only widening the streets but also beautifying them so that you cannot help a ‘wow’ wherever you look at. Walking strips are paved with beautiful blocks, with floral borders, lines of trees on both sides and divider of the roads. Teams of well uniformed cleaning workers aka “Safai Mitra”, fleet of covered vehicles to carry waste to processing plants, supervisors keeping a close watch on activities and events, are all set to hit the 7 Star rating for the city now.

The city administration has been successful in making people feel responsible for cleanliness of their surroundings. People feel proud of the level their city has achieved and can be seen, often, standing as a frontier to discourage anything that is not clean. Almost every square of the city has been beautified and selfie points have been installed with slogan “I Love Indore” which inspires the spirit of cleanliness further.

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