If You Want Something Done, Ask A Womandomestic waste

Men and women are equal when tasks are done one at a time. But when the tasks are mixed up, there is always a significant difference. For example, in doing household chores, a wife is cooking a meal at the same time taking care of her small children and suddenly the phone rings and needs to answer the phone. She can pick up the phone while carrying her child and also watch the progress of the meal she cooks.

It is proven that women are better than men especially in doing multiple tasks at the same time. Men are less organized compared to women. Most women know how to use a system in getting things done immediately. Before starting a task, a woman usually thinks which of the tasks should come first. Women find it easier to switch attention than men.

By nature, women are methodological. But this not to generalize men are slower, of course, there are also men who are good at multitasking. However, an average woman is better able to organize her time and switch between tasks than the average man. Still, it is possible that for certain tasks, men might be better at multitasking depending on its nature. It could either be sequential or simultaneous. It just happened that men are slower when it comes to rapid switching of tasks.

Multitasking is harder for men because they need to use more energy than women when switching attention between tasks. With women, task switching appears to require less brain power compared to men. In the past, women were able to balance numerous domestic chores with child care, while men were working in the field. The women did all the chores at home while men performed only one job to sustain the needs of his family.

If a woman is experienced at certain tasks, they seem to go automatically because she thinks less while performing these tasks.The brain has a more remaining capacity for other tasks. This is the reason why an experienced chef can prepare multiple dishes at the same time while an entry-level cook has to concentrate while baking an egg. However, the ability to multitask while cooking depends on how often you cook not just because you’re a man or a woman.

It has been confirmed that young women are able to cope with switching their attention between tasks better than young men. In particular, while reaction time is very different, in everyday life it can barely be noticed except in really stressful situations that need frequent task-switching.

Thus if you want something done, give it to a woman who is more adept at doing simultaneous tasks

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