How To Overcome Procrastinationgeneral waste

Procrastination robs you of opportunity. It’s a significant fact that no great leader was ever known to procrastinate. You’re fortunate ambition drives you into action, never permitting you to falter or turn back, once you have rendered a decision to go forward. Overcoming procrastination takes work, but will be well worth it! Second by second, as the clock ticks off the distance time is running a race with you.

Delay means defeat, because no man may ever make up a second of lost time. Time is a master worker which heals the wounds of failure and disappointment and rights all wrongs and turns all mistakes into capital, but, it favors only those who kill off procrastination and remain in action when decisions are made.

If you hesitate you will be wiped off the board. If you keep moving you may win! The only real capital is time, but it’s capital only when used. You may be shocked if you keep accurate account of the time you waste in a single day! Ask any well informed salesman and he will tell you that indecision is the outstanding weakness of the majority of people. Every salesman is familiar with that time-worn alibi, “I will think it over,” which is the last trench-line of defense of those who have not the courage to say either a yes or a no. The great leaders of the world were men and women of quick decision.

General Grant had but little to commend him as an able General except the quality of firm decision, but this was sufficient to offset all of his weaknesses. The whole story of his military success may be gathered from his reply to his critics when he said “We will fight out along these lines if it takes all summer.”

When Napoleon reached a decision to move his armies in a given direction, he permitted nothing to cause him to change that decision. If his line of march brought his soldiers to a ditch, dug by his opponents to stop him, he would give the order to charge the ditch until it had been filled with dead men and horses sufficient to bridge it.

The suspense of indecision drives millions of people to failure. A condemned man once said that the thought of his approaching execution was not so terrifying, once he had reached the decision in his own mind to accept the inevitable. Lack of decision is the chief stumbling block of all revival meeting workers. Their entire work is to get men and women to reach a decision in their own minds to accept a given religious tenet.

Millions of people have imagination and build plans that would easily bring them both fortune and fame, but time at again those plans never reach the decision stage. Put yourself in the 3% of all men, by overcoming the evil of procrastination!

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