How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle Fast For Freeincinerating

Losing fat and gaining muscle are the keys to developing a physique of your dreams. Whether you are simply trying to lose excess weight or want to develop six-pack abs, it all starts with learning how to burn fat effectively and build muscle in the process. The good news is that you can do both on your own, for free, and in less time than you think with hard work and self-discipline.

The first thing I recommend is getting a complete physical from your doctor. The importance of this is to get your starting weight, cholesterol levels, body measurements, as well as discuss with your doctor your plan of attack for losing fat.

Eat Right To Burn Fat Efficiently

If you want to get your last junk food meal in before you start, enjoy it because if you are serious about burning fat, you will have to clean up your diet big time. This doesn’t mean you will no longer enjoy food but you will have to adapt to a healthier way of eating. Processed foods are a no-no. Food that comes in packages are typically full of sugar and fat. You will need to develop a “clean food” mindset, meaning keep your food simple: lean meat, seafood, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, good fats, nuts, and seeds.

Also be aware of your beverages. A lot of what we drink contains tons of sugar, fat, and calories. Water will be your best friend and alcohol in moderation or none at all.

Burn Fat and Build Muscle Using Body Weight

Although you are trying to lose weight, your body weight can actually help you through resistance exercises. Being able to handle your own body weight effortlessly with exercise is a prime example of strength. Have you seen people who are good at push-ups and pull-ups? They demonstrate great strength and you can develop the same strength using your body weight.

Calisthenics is the exercise of choice for incinerating fat. Perform exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, dips, squats, lunges, pull-ups, and more for an effective full-body workout. Incorporate free-weights like dumbbells and you increase your intensity.

Quick Tip: Combine calisthenic exercises with intervals (circuit training) and get your workouts done in less time. You don’t have have to spend hours working out. Full-body interval routines will have you done in 45 minutes tops. Working out this way burns fat and builds the lean muscle we need to achieve our physical fitness goals.

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