How Covid-19 Taught the World a Valuable Lessoncovid-19

Investigation into covid-19 needs to happen

There is a lot of speculation online as to the origins of coronavirus with the most likely source being an animal market in Wuhan, China. It is understood that in these markets animals are kept in such unsanitary conditions that it would be considered animal cruelty in other countries. Yet it is not the first time such a virus began its destructive life form in humans in this way. Sars being another.

Another theory being put forward is that coronavirus started in a Wuhan lab. This one has been suggested by some American politicians. There is an old saying, “There is no smoke without any fire,” so this one has possibly some merit but it is difficult to find proof without evidence and China is hardly going to cooperate with any investigation especially if it has done wrong.

America, and in particular President Trump are not afraid to point their finger toward China’s direction. It is a pity other countries will not follow suit. I suspect so many of them rely on China for trade and tourism that they are too afraid to speak out for offending their Chinese trading partners.

What seems to be at the heart of the world’s problems is that there is no country that is answerable to a higher authority. Sure some rogue nations have sanctions placed against them for their actions but many first world countries can hardly claim to be squeaky clean as far as human rights and other issues are concerned either.

Arrogance seems to be the problem. No one tells us what to do!

Is it any coincidence that the worst affected countries from covid-19 are the USA and UK, both considered parent countries to so many others. Some of the smaller countries had at least had the humility to look at what has happened in other countries with covid-19 and learn from how they have dealt with it; not just their successes but also their mistakes. Arrogance say, “We’ll do it our way.”

There is no doubt that an investigation needs to be conducted into the origin of coronavirus but who is going to force China to cooperate?

Australian Prime MInister Scott Morrison made mention of the need for an investigation into how coronavirus started and China threatened to not take their meat exports.

What have they, (China) have got to hide?

How other countries behave affects others, one perfect example of this is the migrant crisis which was brought about by human rights abuses in certain countries.

The United Nations, World Health Organisation (WHO), Human Rights Commission, and Amnesty International do good work in the world but none of them have any authority to force a particular country to do such and such.

There needs to be an organisation which all countries are subject to.

I think New Zealand, Australia, and other countries need to broaden their horizons and seek new markets. Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea have all been responsible in dealing with covid-19 so why not explore their markets and open tourist routes with those countries? We have become too reliant on China exposing ourselves to economic blackmail.

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