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The temple of Delhi’s most famous and holy Yogaya Devi is a very old temple. Yogmaya Devi is the Goddess who created illusions. Yogmaya temple is also known as Jogmaya. This temple is devoted to Goddess Yogya. Goddess Yogmaya is the sister of Lord Krishna.

It has been said in history that Pandavas did the construction of this temple during Mahabharata. For the first time, this Mughal was built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar 2 (1806-1837) to rebuild this temple. At the behest of Emperor Akbar 2, Lala Sethmal started the construction of this temple.

It is also said that Ghajnavi’s King Ghajini had demolished this temple and had completely devastated it. But the reconstruction of this temple was done by Rajput King Hemu. The temple which is currently located in Delhi was constructed in the 19th century.

About 200 people are working to take care of this temple and they all work according to complete loyalty and self-will. It is also said about this temple many years ago, the ancestors of hundreds of years ago used to take care of this temple, every day they used to worship the Goddess, Prasad used to keep the temple always clean and twice in a day Used to do the work of making the goddess.

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According to legend, it is said that when Abhimanyu was killed by Jaideath, Lord Krishna and Arjuna had come to see the Goddess in this temple after his death. Arjuna had vowed in this temple that by the evening of the second day, he would kill Jayradrath. Lord Krishna and Arjun came to this temple only to take blessings of Goddess. Due to the miraculous power of the Goddess, the solar eclipse that took place in the battleground was a solar eclipse and due to this solar eclipse, Arjuna was helped to kill Jaideath..

Festivals celebrated at Yogmaya temple

Florist walk

It is known only by the name of this festival that this festival is a festival of flowers. This festival is celebrated in the premises of the Qutub Sahib Dargah and Yogmaya Temple in Mehrauli. During this festival kites are lit, wrestling is played, kavali is sung.

During this festival, cultural programs like Kathak, Kawali are also performed.

Mahashivaratri in Yogmaya Temple

This festival of Mahashivaratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the month of February or March. People of all Hindu religions celebrate the festival of Mahashivaratri with great joy. On this holy mountain of Mahashivaratri, everyone keeps fasting for Lord Shiva on the day of Mahashivaratri and chanting his name throughout the day repeating the hymns and chants of Lord. On the occasion of this holy festival, all the people decorate the temple of Lord Shiva and chant the name of God throughout the day and in the morning and evenings, God’s Aarti is also done.

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