High Enemafor medical waste

High enema is a procedure that is aimed at cleaning the whole colon off fecal material, parasites and body waste that has stuck on the sides of the colon for a long time. It can be done after every two days for those people who are severely ill or on their death beds and lesser times for healthy people who just wish to be healthy. If compared to normal enema, high enema is more effective and productive if well carried out than the other which only cleans the area around the rectum. In this procedure enough fluid is introduced into the colon which is more than seven feet long with the enema solution; purified or filtered water or herbal tea. There several herbs that can be used to make the herbal tea as garlic, aloe vera, lemon, clove, sage and wheat grass juice. The functions of the herbs are to kill and remove all unwanted microorganisms in the body.

Before starting the high enema process you should have the following; enema bag or the fountain syringe bag, necessary herbs and enema solution. Fountain bags are more preferred due to their ease in hanging, refilling and cleaning. The preparation of the process includes filling the water you prefer; cold or warm into a large container as a bathtub to about quarter to half full. Then you should hang the fountain syringe from a height that allows the rectal catheter to reach the bottom of the water container. The last step is to prepare the enema solution in the required amount and fill the fountain syringe.

The last procedure is to lie on your back and remove the any air in the bag by opening the clamp a little. Then insert the rectal catheter into the rectum carefully after lubricating it with oils as vegetable oil or ghee and open the clamp to let the solution flow into the rectum till you can feel pressure in the rectum, then turn to the other side. When you feel the urge to release the solution, close the clamp and release it in the toilet and repeat the process several times. High enema is mostly for medical purposes and not relaxation as the normal enema. A lot of patience is required especially in the first time and could take even to more than an hour. As you perform it at home total comfort and relaxation is paramount; you can use water pillows and your favorite music.

After the process is complete or you feel like releasing the solution; several other wastes may come with it out as colon mucus, worms, and dead cells, fresh and old fecal waste. These should not startle you unless there is evidence of severe bleeding. To check the bleeding resulting from wounds created by removal of long sticking fecal; you should include herbs that encourage tissue healing. The apparatus used in enema are quite cheap and come in two forms; disposable and reusable packs. The reusable ones can be used for several times with thorough cleaning after usage. The rectal catheter should be soaked in hydrogen peroxide to kill any bacteria that might have contaminated it.

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