Edgar Cayce Diet – Combination of Fruit, Vegetable and Apple Detox Dietsmall medical waste

Some principles of the Edgar Cayce Diet may seem out of this world but for the most parts of it, his method makes sense. Let’s start with the issue about apples.

It may be said that this method espouses obsession about apples, particularly the Jenneting variety–a species of yellow apple that ripens in July before all other types ripen. This diet recommends a three-day fasting using only this fruit. This, he believed, is helpful in detoxifying the body along with 2 teaspoons of olive oil and plenty of water to speed up the flushing out of waste materials from the body. But that does not stop there; he also recommended eating at least 5 apples everyday to improve the constitution of the digestive system.

After the three-day apple-detox diet is the fruit and vegetable diet. He recommended that at least 80% of food consumption must come from non-starchy vegetables and fruits. The rest may consist of healthy protein, starch-rich foods and cereals. According to this method, protein must consist of fish, lamb and fowl, and red meat must be consumed sparingly. Pork is viewed unhealthy and must be consumed in very small amounts, if at all. Fried foods are taboo and so are sugary treats and foods made from white flour.

What is remarkable about this method (and the person behind it) is that it uses advanced knowledge. It should be noted that Edgar Cayce lived during the 19th century yet his appreciation of the alkaline-acid equilibrium and the good effects of maintaining this balance is reflected by the principles of the diet. He emphasized the importance of regularly eating alkaline-forming foods. This is why he recommended 80-20 vegetable-fruit ratio diet since fruits are alkaline-forming by nature and meats, dairy and some grains and nuts are acidic.

The apple detox diet and the obvious fondness for the yellow apples may seem a bit far-fetched yet the man and his proposed diet hit the bull’s eye of healthy dieting.

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