Comparison Between Plastic Bags and Paper Bagssolid waste

More and more people are becoming aware of the effect of their food habits and lifestyle on the environment, and many are trying to change their lifestyle and habits to become environment-friendly. One such habit or the part of the lifestyle is the usage of plastic bags. Many of us use it for various reasons and have been using them for years together. However, it is time to understand that we are harming the environment when we use the plastic things excessively. Paper bags seem to be an option, but it is necessary to figure out whether this option is viable or not.

Comparison between plastic bags and paper bags

• Everybody is aware of the fact that the plastic is not biodegradable which means that even after centuries, the plastic bags will not decompose. On the other hand, the paper bags are easily decomposed as compared to the former. Hence the things which get degraded easily are better options.

• It is a fact that plastic bags can be recycled many times and new plastic products can be produced. The recycling of bags made of paper can be a little complicated because paper degenerates faster and therefore fewer paper bags are created after recycling.

• Bags made of plastic are a danger to marine life as well as wildlife because it has been proved that plastic litter has caused deaths of many animals and birds including sea animals. The danger from bags made of paper is not severe as the water and air make them decompose faster.

• Plastic bags are lightweight, and therefore they create less solid waste as compared to the paper bags. Paper bags waste fills more landfills than the plastic bags waste.

• Bags made of plastic can be reused for many times, but bags made of paper cannot be used because they tear easily. So it has to be said that the plastic bags are reused more as compared to the bags of paper.

• Many researchers and data have also proved that plastic bag manufacturing causes less harm to the environment than the paper bag manufacturing.

As we can see that the both kinds of bags have certain advantages as well as disadvantages. Both of them are harmful to the environment to a certain extent and therefore, it is the decision of people to use both types of bags after deliberation. Reusing and recycling of bags of plastic as well as paper is the way to ensure that you are not causing great harm to nature.

Now with the help of the internet we can buy paper bags online also, as there are many sites providing this facility.

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