Common Water Supply Problemshousehold waste

Everyone knows that having clean water to drink is essential for human health. In many cases, however, the water that flows from our household taps is not as clean or as pure as we would like. There can be many problems associated with the water that is supplied to your home including ground contamination, hardness and softness. Luckily, there are many options of water purification and water filtration systems available to you that will ensure your family receives clean and safe water for your cooking, washing and drinking needs.

In the worst cases, contamination from the ground can be especially hazardous to your health. This usually occurs when pipes that bring the water into your home have been compromised or have degraded. Older homes with outdated lines are more likely to have some sort of ground contamination. Many contaminates can be present in the ground, and even a minuscule amount of bacteria can cause serious health problems to those who consume contaminated water. Ground water can contain bacteria and pathogens from a variety of sources, most notably lawn fertilization chemicals and pet waste.

On the other hand, assuming the water supply is safely entering your home, you may still have problems with either the hardness or softness. Hard water contains a high amount of minerals, making the water slightly metallic in taste. You’ll find it difficult to wash because working up lather with soap is almost impossible. You’ll use more soap than usual and you’ll always feel as if your hair is filmy and dirty. An excess of calcium or iron in the water usually causes hardness. You can see the telltale signs of hard water when your water-using appliances start to display rust-colored stains. The build up of elements can damage your appliances, so remedying your hard water problem as soon as possible will save from having to replace those expensive machines.

Conversely, soft water has very little mineral content. While this may seem like a good thing, having water with no mineral content can also be dangerous to your health. We need certain minerals in our diet to maintain a healthy immune system. Your tap water should contain a certain amount that is not harmful to your plumbing, but beneficial to your health. There are steps you can take to remedy your water problems. Installing a filter will remove the harmful contaminates from a water supply that has been compromised. There are tap-based mounts or under-the-sink filters that can be installed in your home, or you can install a larger water purification system that filters the water as it enters your home.

Filtration systems are also available that will remove the mineral content from hard water. These are usually brine tanks. The sodium in the tanks will work to attract the harmful elements and keep them from flowing through your plumbing. No matter what your water problems entail, there is a filtration system right for you and your family. Have a professional filtration company perform a test of your water supply to see what measures should be taken to ensure the cleanliness of your family’s water.

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