Buying Recycled CD Jewel Cases to Help the Environmentincinerate

During the height of the introduction of compact discs (CD), there were also more than hundreds of thousands of CD jewel case manufacturers that started to come out. These manufacturers use plastics as their primary ingredient in producing CD jewel cases. Today, the number of CD jewel case manufacturers has more than doubled around the world. Consequently, production of CD jewel cases around the world has also spiked up to at least billions. As a result, non-biodegradable wastes coming from the disposal of these CD cases have also more than doubled.

While businesses find the production of CD jewel cases credibly lucrative, the environmental effects of broken and unusable CD jewel cases however, is quite alarming. Since most businesses use plastics as their main component for producing these cases, disposal of broken and unusable CD cases accumulate to the world’s growing non-biodegradable wastes. Disposal of these cases release chemicals to the earth as well as cancer-causing toxins when these cases are incinerated.

Today, environmental advocates, with the help of the government, are strongly promoting the use of recycled CD cases in order to help the environment. Moreover, their endorsement of companies who take responsibility in helping the environment has become more and more prominent. The idea of using recycled CD cases promotes awareness to consumers to be more responsible in disposing damaged, broken, and unused CD cases.

What companies do and ask their consumers is to have them return damaged and old CD cases in exchange for environmentally safe casings, which can range from boxes to binders depending on the consumer’s need. These companies recycle damaged CD cases, using their state-of-the-art technology in converting old crystal cases to new recyclable plastic products with less or no chemical emission to the earth or the atmosphere.

There are also big companies in Hong Kong that offer recycled CD cases. They sell a wide array of recycled CD cases that are extremely cheap compared to newer ones. Of course the quality may not be as good as new cases but the price are 30% to 40% lesser. Other companies in China have also started to introduce CD jewel cases made of recycled materials. Slimmer cases are also much preferred than bulkier cases because they’re so much easy and cheaper to ship. Recycled CD cases are becoming more and more in demand because of their price as well as the aggressive promotion of preserving the environment. Some countries have even formulated laws that promote environmentalist goals as well as penalizes use of non-environment friendly products.

The next time you visit your favorite computer or CD shop to buy some new CD jewel cases for your personalized CDs, buy those that are recycled or made from recycled materials. Ask the sales personnel or check the label of the CD case to see if it’s recycled or made from recycled materials. Buying recycled CD jewel cases will definitely save you money as they are significantly lighter to the budget. On top of that, it’s your best way to be more responsible in helping the environment.

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