Brown Fluffy Floaties – The Sign of a Healthy Bowelgeneral waste

A healthy bowel is a must for a healthy body. Regular easy bowel movements (2-3 a day) is the optimum, stool that is soft and easy to pass. The longer waste stays in the body the harder it becomes resulting in stinky sinkies and a sign that all is not as it should be concerning the digestive system.

The longer waste stays in the bowels the more toxic it becomes, slowly poisoning the body as the toxins get absorbed back into your system. As well as providing a perfect environment for parasites and unwanted harmful organisms.

“Good health begins in the colon”, the other popular saying among natural therapists is “Death begins in the colon”, your bowel movements are a good sign as to the health state of the body. If your stool is hard to pass, has an overpowering smell, any color other than brown then some attention needs to be paid to both ends of the digestive tract. Namely your diet and the bowels.

So how can you get a more healthy bowel, regular, with fluffy floaties in your toilet bowl

– Drink more water. Constipation is a common symptom of dehydration

– Exercise. Moving the body helps get the bowels moving

– Add more fibre to your diet and cut down (or eliminate) the common Standard American Diet (SAD)

– Use a natural safe oxygen based colon cleanser to stop toxic build up as well as numerous other benefits such as:

* Helping restore regular movements

* Cleanses and detoxifies the whole digestive tract

* Stops waste from building up and clogging your bowels

* Promotes general health and renewed vitality

* Supports healthy immune and digestive systems

* Assists the body in the absorption of vital nutrients

* Creates an unfriendly environment for anaerobic harmful organisms including parasites.

If you have irregular, hard to pass, smelly or any other type of bowel movements besides fluffy floaties, then besides a change in dietary habits, a regular oxygen colon cleansing will go a long way to restoring a healthy bowel.

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