Body Detox Methods and Candida Cleansingmedical waste

When you are having candida, what could be happening to you is that you are having die-off and killing parasites and things, but they are not being pushed out. Pure water at half your weight in ounces is about right. There are also many discussions about colon hydrotherapy. One of the beautiful things about this therapy is that it causes a lot of waste material to be flushed a lot quicker than when you wait for your body to do the work. Sometimes our colons are just too impacted.

And, have you ever heard of a liver cleansing? This maybe what may help to rid of allot of waste as well as keeping the liver ducts unplugged so you are benefiting from clearer waste removal. Another type of cleansing is the one with Epsom Salts, though some people admit they couldn’t handle the taste.

You can also consider the type of candida cleansing that a woman has done for herself and her teenagers twice a year. What she does is she combines caprol, bentonite, and psyllium. This combination, easier on the body, might take a month or two longer, but the bentonite will absorb a lot of the toxins from the die-off and the psyllium really helps expulse them.

Eating spirulina in large amounts all day during a cleansing is a builder. It is loaded with protein and excellent for the body. At the same time, it too helps the whole system during the time of the stress of major cleansing and killing parasites.

And remember, diet is essential especially when we’re doing a cleansing. It is the time we mostly crave the wrong things.

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