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Welcome to your “5-Tip Crash Course” to raising happy, healthy Betta Splenden! Once you’ve absorbed these crucial tips, you’ll quickly have your Betta Splenden smiling at you and thanking you every day for saving them from their suffocating plastic cups you originally found them in.

Betta Splenden are some of the most beautiful fish on the planet, who will constantly amaze your friends and family whenever they catch a glimpse of your fish tank. Bettas Splenden also have a personality of their own. If they’re happy and healthy, they’ll entertain you and make you smile warmly from the inside by waving their tails, dancing for you, and being extremely cute in general.

And heck, let’s admit it: Once you’ve owned your first Betta Splenden, you’ll realize – They’re addicting!

So without further ado, let’s get to your 5 crucial tips.


Crucial Tip #1: Your Betta’s Tank

The temperature of your Betta Splenden’s tank is extremely important for their health and well-being.

Betta Splenden originate from Thailand, Cambodia, and certain parts of Vietnam. In the Betta Splenden’s natural habitat, the temperature is usually pretty consistent, between 22 to 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year. It’s important to keep your Betta Splenden’s tank consistently between these temperatures.

If the temperature drops below 22 degrees Celsius, your Betta Splenden’s growth will be stunted, become prone to disease, or even die from chronic stress. Consistency is important as well, because constant temperature fluctuations will also stress out your Betta Splenden.

Crucial Tip #2: Quality of Water

As you probably know, to keep your Betta Splenden happy, you need to keep your water clean. By keeping your tank clean, you allow your Betta Splenden’s immune system to work better, to take in more essential body salts, as well as get rid of harmful waste.

A good filtration system and the size of your tank are key to your Betta Splenden’s happiness.

Filtration takes waste, uneaten food, and sometimes bacteria out of the waters, giving your Betta Splenden a better, healthier environment to live in. You have many choices on filtration systems, which are beyond the scope of this article, but even a basic system will save you time and frustration in water changes.

The more often you change your water, the more you’ll stress out your Betta Splenden. The easiest way to avoid changing your Betta’s water so often, and keep his water cleaner, is to 1) have a good filtration system, and 2) get a bigger tank.

The bigger your tank, the longer it takes before your water gets contaminated. Therefore, the longer before you have to change your tank.

Crucial Tip #3: Betta Splenden Are Jumpers!

Betta Splenden are “jumpers,” meaning unless the walls of your tank are high, or you place something on top of your tank, they’re very likely to jump out.

So make sure you top off your tank, so your Betta Splenden don’t come flying out.

Crucial Tip #4: Betta Splenden Diet

Betta Splendens should be mostly eating meats. Frozen crayfish eggs, beef heart, baby and decapsulated brine shrimps, as well as bloodworms/brine shrimps are all great choices. Small amounts of lettuce or spinach can be mixed in for fiber.

This may be common sense, but avoid overfeeding your Betta Splenden.

Crucial Tip #5: Betta Splenden Are Fighters!

Again, this may be common sense, but putting two Betta Splendens in one tank is a big no-no! Two male Betta Splendens will almost always break out into a vicious fight. Female Betta Splenden put in the same tank are also known to fight each other, as are Male to Female.

The exception is if you’re trying to breed Betta Splenden – In which case, the female Betta Splenden should be introduced to the male Betta Splenden before they have any chance of physical contact.

This can be done by placing a tall jar with the female Betta Splenden inside in the male Betta Splenden’s tank. By doing so, you’ll introduce the two Betta Splenden to one another, in an environment where they cannot start tearing each other apart.


Great! You’ve just taken a crash course in owning a happy, satisfied Betta Splenden. You’re now versed in keeping your tank clean, your Betta Splenden’s diet, and other basic Betta Splenden care tips.

There are many other great resources on Betta Splenden on the internet, so get out there and start exploring!

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