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There was a time, when only the mechanical industry made use of the calibration services industry. But now the scene has changed, and this industry has expanded to include many industries such as petrochemicals, automotive, aerospace, electronic equipment and power generation. In this article, let us focus on the A to Z guide about calibration services.

What is calibration?

The simple definition is the process to check the deviation and accuracy of an instrument. In case, there is a deviation from the normal or dimensional standards in an instrument, then the values get adjusted to become “normal” (as is required).

Why is Calibration important?

There are chances due to weather conditions (humidity/temperature), or human error, the measurement of a new instrument can drift by a few values. So, there is a need to ascertain the measuring instrument gives accurate values. There are also chances the measuring instrument may have got damaged, and so the reason for wrong values. The calibration process can bring the instrument to normal condition and accurate values.

Processes Followed in Calibration

Usually, electronic manufacturers and other businesses take the services of a reliable calibration services provider to ensure their instruments match the requirements of their industry. The chosen firm should have the recent machines, and gadgets to ensure error-free calibration. Usually, the check is either done on-site or in the laboratory. There are service organizations that give pick-up, do corrections and door delivery services. Some laboratories offer equipment on rent. You can even see professionals offering free-lance services.

If there are changes, the calibration service company will get the instrument rectified, and then issue a certificate. The certificate will contain the measurement data, uncertainties, signatures and calibration number. The details will get recorded in an official document. This will help in instrument maintenance.

If you are an entrepreneur interested in becoming a brand and a force to reckon with, with your products, this certificate holds great value. It proves to the customers/auditing agency the instrument has been verified across critical points. It also complies with local, domestic, country and International codes of practice.


The time needed to modify an instrument will vary depending on the purpose and the need to complete the process. If the instrument is a sensitive one (example – thermometer), then the process may take longer time. If the instrument needs frequent calibration such as manufacturing equipment, then it may need less time. Let us focus on the other factors, such as –

  1. Severity of use
  2. Recommendation from the manufacturer or the governing body
  3. Weather conditions (humidity, summer)
  4. Maintenance & service
  5. Percentage of wear and tear

Benefits of Calibration

An instrument’s accurate measure can spell many benefits not only for the customer, but also the manufacturer. A few are mentioned below –

  • Cost Savings – By avoiding rejection by customers and governing bodies, there will be improvement in sales.
  • Worn Equipment – A regular calibration check-up can point the worn equipment. Imagine the situation, when a customer finds out about a defective device and complains in the social media. Your company will suffer a backlash.
  • Quality Compliance – As an entrepreneur, you need to maintain quality audit sheets of your instruments after a check. This will ensure your instruments are in top-condition.


In any industry, it is vital to check the accuracy of an instrument by calibration. The reason, it could spell the entire difference by making a set of processes a complete waste or being correct. There are many products and services we use in our daily life with 100% percent efficiency – the reason they have passed the calibration test. Also, new technologies have come to the fore (AI, ML and IoT). So, there is a need for precise measurements, and calibration industry will grow by leaps and bounds in the future.

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