A Common Problem and a Single Solutionmedical waste cost

Baldness is a common problem among men and women. Hair transplantation is a one stop solution for the problem. Why this occurs and why is this considered as a very common problem? One reason because people are so negligent about hair that they only concentrate on faces. This surgeons quote that people take a facial for thousands but they refuse to take a hair spa for hundreds that is where we are. This is one main reason why men and women are running behind surgeons for solution.

Hair transplantation is a simple surgery where the surgeons will fill it with hair where they see it bald. There are 2 methods of doing this, one if follicular unit surgery and follicular unit extraction. In the surgery, the doctor will place a strip on the head where high baldness if found. It is divided into 500 grafts and each graft will have few hairs. The type of graft used is depending on the quality and color. This surgeon will decide that. The graft also depends on the size where you get the graft and follicular unit extraction is highly done among men since they have high amount of baldness.

Follicles Technique used for Hair Transplantation –

The hair follicles are removed one by one and they will create holes on the scalp and plant the new hair follicles. Basically, like growing a crop we do the same. Since it is a highly riskier process, the hair transplant surgeon is request to be clean while doing this. The surgeon will place the graft on equal intervals or however the patient is suitable to. Since this procedure is critical and there are chances of brain getting affected, people are very cautious about it.The patient and the surgeon must be on discussion before going to the surgery.

The hair transplant surgeon should clearly explain the procedure for the patient to get ready in advance. Due to the advancements in the medical field, the hair restoration techniques seem to be helpful and promising. Improvements are made in the treatments for the hair loss and they are also coupled with few mini procedures. Still, this treatment is promising and result oriented result for baldness. You will never get the same result as you get from this surgery.

Pre and Post Surgery Tips –

After the surgery, this surgeon instructs the patient not to be on sun and touch the scalp frequently. It may disturb the follicles which are still not stable. Consuming liquor or smoking is strictly prohibited. Any sports or exercise should be avoided since physical activity can disturb the follicles. When you have a decided of using this surgery then you should listen to the surgeon blindly. Anything which you cannot hear, then you need not take the surgery. If you are not on full mediation then it is mere waste to take up this.

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