A Brief History Of Die Cuttingindustrial waste

Die cutting is an old industrial process that came into existence during the early 19th century. The Industrial Revolution brought forward these machines. Since that time, these machines played an extensive role in mass-producing various products at a faster rate and at a lesser amount of time. As it was an integral part of our lifestyle, this industry kept on growing at a steady rate over the years. The industry experienced a rapid boom in recent years with the phenomenal technological developments that turned the machines into more efficient ones.

Simply put, it is a process that uses sharp steel to cut a shape out of a surface and create a new design. The most common surfaces are fabric, metal, plastic and wood.

A Brief History

During the Industrial Revolution, it made its first mark in the shoemaking industry. Before these machines, shoemakers used to cut every leather piece by hand. And therefore, it became a very time-consuming and expensive process. As a result, the price of a show during that time was also quite high. The mallet handle die made sure that cobblers could create the outer and the inner soles by themselves. Cobblers started finding their job a lot easier and simpler.

The early half of the 20th century saw great enhancements when it came to the shoemaking industry. The model of the machines also underwent great developments. Very soon, these machines started getting used to create other metal, food, plastic and tubing products. During the mid-20th century, the size of these machines became compact, and they became a lot more useful in household uses. The most notable die-cutting machine during this period was the hand-held die cutting tool that helped in designing decorative items.

Most of the modern die-cutting machines of the 21st century are under the control of computers. These machines are highly accurate, fast and easy to use. They manufacture industrial products in large quantities. The ones that do not have a direct connection with computers use cartridges and movable dies.

Advantages of Modern Die Cutting Machines

Why are the die-cutting machines so popular today? Let us look at some of their advantages:

#1. Speed: One of the biggest advantages of the modern version of these machines is the speed at which they work. Apart from the computerized machines, the manual versions are efficient to give better results than cutting out shapes by another method.

#2. Cost-efficient: While other methods might need multiple tools to create accurate shapes, die cutting only needs a single tool. In this way, the process becomes a lot less expensive than almost any other methods in use today.

#3. Uniformity: Another great benefit of these machines is that the final product is uniform in shape and size. From creating vinyl lettering to cutting out cardboard boxes, these machines are great when it comes to accurate and precise work.

#4. Less Waste: These machines leave less waste material around the finished product, thus offering cleanliness and hygiene. This makes these machines extremely friendly for the environment.

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