6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toiletsolid waste

It’s rare to talk about toilets, unless there is a problem with one. When

toilets don’t work properly or they appear to be damaged, it can be very

frustrating and difficult to determine if it’s time to replace it.

Here’s a list of 6 signs that it’s time to replace your toilet.

1. Old Age

Toilets can work properly for a very long time, but older toilets are often

more inefficient than the newer models. If you have a toilet that’s at

least 25 years old, you should consider replacing it. Consider a toilet

with a dual-flush feature. It allows you to partially flush for liquid

waste and fully flush for solid waste. That way, you can maximize your

savings of water and money.

2. Cracks

Have you noticed water puddles near the base of the toilet? If you’re not

sure where the puddles are coming from, chances are that you have a crack.

While the toilet may work fine, leaks can waste a lot of water, and that

water exposure can damage your flooring over time. It can also result in

mold or mildew growth.

The location of the crack determines whether a repair will suffice. If it’s

below the water line, you may need a toilet tank replacement. At that

point, most homeowners replace the entire toilet.

3. Constant Clogging

Nobody likes to deal with a clogged toilet. While they’re not uncommon,

random or recurring clogs can indicate an issue. If you plunge every other

day and it’s not due to preventable human activities, you have a toilet

problem. Once you detect this, make sure to call a professional plumber to

determine if the clogging is a toilet issue or a sign of another problem.

4. Buildup Mineral Deposits

Water naturally carries minerals, so as you use the heater, the minerals

can start to build up inside the toilet. This can keep water from flowing

effectively, making the toilet inefficient. In some cases, you may be able

to clear some of the deposits away by chipping at the buildup, but this

isn’t always guaranteed. If you live in a place with hard water, you can

prevent mineral buildup by installing a water softener. Regardless, if the

buildup is too much, your toilet may need replacement.

5. Leaking Toilet

Toilet leaks may go undetected for several months. This doesn’t mean that

you are a negligent toilet owner, you just don’t realize you have a leak.

Unlike with cracks, leaks are not always going to leave a puddle of water.

The best way to detect a leak, is by checking your water bill. If there’s a

sudden and unexplainable increase in your bills, you most likely have a

leak. In that case, you should call for a plumber to help you determine the

cause of the problem.

6. Constant Repairs

Toilets shouldn’t need to be constantly repaired. If you find yourself

regularly calling for a plumber to fix the toilet or if your toilet

requires numerous repairs all at once,replace it. Frequent repairs can add

up, and you can save yourself a bit of cash over the years if you invest in

a new toilet.Discuss the situation with your plumber, and they will help

you find the best solution to your toilet problems.

If you identify with any of the signs stated above, make sure to call a

plumber to help you asses your situation. And if you live in the Denver

metropolitan area, make sure to call Professional Plumbers in Denver, CO.

We are a bonded, licensed, and insured plumbing company that offers

affordable and quality services.

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