5 Effective Ways to Keep Litter Pans Truly Cat-Friendlyhousehold waste

Pet cats certainly can take away all our worries and can bring us so much joy in the household. However, owning a cat or two does not just mean getting them to do ‘this’ for us if and whenever we badly need entertainment. Each cat owner needs to keep an environment that is both clean and safe for his pet.

1. At least twice each day, you should remember to scoop out any waste products from the litter pans. Never ever flush the waste in the toilet because litter is sure to clog your drainage over time. Simply put the waste in a trash bag and then deposit properly in your trash.

2. Use a mixture of warm water and dish soap when washing the litter pan. If your cat’s litter box has a lid, make sure you wash this very well too.

3. Rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water and then towel dry. Replace cat litter only when the entire box is completely dry.

4. Always remember to replace the pan with fresh litter at least once or twice a week because doing so would entice your pet to use them. Do not let a lazy day get in the way of both your cat’s health and your ‘sanity’. Like us, cats do not wish to use ‘dirty toilets’.

5. Make sure that the area where you keep your pet’s litter box is clean at odor-free at all times. Expect, however, that there will be litter spillage or wet spots from time to time, but all you need to do is wipe this area clean with soap and warm water to remove litter remnants.

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