3 Secrets for Those That Dare To Burn Belly Fatincinerating

Has your extra belly fat got you feeling down?

If you take a look around, you’re going to find that many folks are dealing with the same problem as you. Sure, there are some folks out there that do not have belly fat showing through their shirts and hanging over their pants, so what is their secret? What do they know that you do not know?

Well, I would like to share three of those secrets with you. In this article, I am going to show you how to burn belly fat fast, but you need to pay close attention to each of these secrets – they will make a big impact on your fat burning efforts…

Belly Fat Banishing Secret 1

Avoid crash dieting. No matter what you do, at all costs, you should avoid crash dieting. Think about it…when has the term “crash” every really meant something good? Exactly.

When many people try to get rid of fat from their belly, the first thing they do is drastically change what they eat every day. They go from eating anything they want to forcing themselves to only eat one meal each day, or only eating 500 calories, or cutting out all carbs from their diet. For the remainder of the time, they starve themselves and remain miserable.

But here is the cold hard truth: When you do a crash diet, the only thing you are going to lose is muscle mass, water weight, and yes, if you are lucky (very lucky), maybe a little bit of fat as well.

Additionally, a crash diet will put you at risk of your body going into what is known as starvation mode. Have you ever heard of starvation mode before? During starvation mode, your body is going to severely slow your metabolism down. Do you know what happens next? That’s right; it is going to be even harder to shed those pounds. Eventually, you are going to get tired of crash dieting and there will be a day when you completely ignore your diet and then it is all over, and the weight will come piling back on.

If you would like to burn fat from your stomach, then you are going to need to consume the right foods. This includes eating many vegetables, fruits, proteins and other whole foods that are healthy for you. This will make sure you have all of the nutrients that will keep you nourished and full. Losing stomach fat by trying a crash diet is simply not going to give you the nutrients you need.

Also, consuming four to six small meals each day and drinking lots of water is a great idea. I recommend planning your meals ahead of time. Figure out what you are going to have tomorrow and the next day right now, and then stick to that plan.

Belly Fat Incinerating Secret 2

Strength training will become your friend. You may not realize this, but did you know all of those good looking models and movie stars? Would you believe me if I told you that they strength train?

Strength training is a great method to get rid of the belly fat. Yep, it’s true. Unfortunately, there are many that believe weight lifting is only going to make their body heavier and cause their muscles to get big. Yes, adding some lean muscle mass to the body could cause you to gain a couple of pounds, but this is a great way to increase the metabolism. (And, after all, what are you really after, losing weight or melting fat? I thought so…) When your metabolism increases, you will be able to burn more of those fat calories. How does this sound to you so far?

Not only will your metabolism increase, maintaining (or even building) lean muscle mass helps give you that sexy look that you have always wanted. And, overall, being leaner and stronger gives you self-confidence. In order to burn that fat on your stomach faster (and who knows, maybe even show off those six pack abs that are lurking beneath there!) with strength training, you should try out circuit training using compound exercises. Compound exercises include push ups, lunges, squats, and pull downs. They are called compound exercises because more than one muscle group and joint are involved in the exercises.

Belly Fat Melting Secret 3

Don’t forget about interval training for the cardio portion of your workout. Interval training is a great way to burn that belly fat fast. This is because it is more effective than that slow, long, boring cardio routine that many individuals take part in. Let me tell you this – when you finally start interval training, you’ll want to kiss those slow, long, boring cardio workouts goodbye. You know the ones, right? Yep, the cardio workouts that lasted as long as one hour as you ground it out on the treadmill.

When you are doing some interval training, it is going to consist of using high and low intensities in order to set points on the cardio workout. For example, and easy interval workout to get you started would be to warm up for five minutes. After the warm up, go as fast as you can on an elliptical trainer or stationary bike for thirty seconds then go for a slower, medium speed for two minutes to recover. You can repeat this four to eight times.

In a fraction of time, you are going to get an effective, fat incinerating workout. These short bursts have a major impact on the metabolism, which means you are going to be burning your belly fat for hours after you have completed your training.

Now that you know how to lose belly fat, if you start right now and take action, before you know it you could be ready to step out on the beach, the pool, your reunion, or wherever, wearing those brand new “skinny” clothes you’ve always wanted. You will also feel more confident and overall (and most importantly), you will be healthier.

Once you have gotten rid of that fat on your stomach, it doesn’t mean that all of that training and eating the right foods are over. You will still need to stick to the same routine that you have been doing. If you are not careful, the stomach fat could come right back and you will be back at square one. So, avoid that crash dieting, start a good strength training routine, and step into cardio with interval training right now.

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